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Roadside Assistance Services

AA is the first towing service provider in Singapore to employ state-of-the-art Global Positioning System (GPS) for its auto-tracking and computer-aided despatch system for roadside assistance.

AA members enjoy FREE* 24-hour Roadside Assistance Services in Singapore. Be it jumpstarting, change of punctured tyre or a flat battery, you can be assured of our reliable and efficient breakdown service. If we can’t get your car going, we will arrange for free towing service to your preferred workshop.

With your personal AA Membership, it doesn’t matter whether you are the driver or the passenger. Your AA Membership covers you, not the vehicle. Please read our Service Policy.

*Up to 6 RAS services. Terms and conditions apply.

Our Roadside Assistance Services include:
  • Vehicle jumpstart/ restart
  • Flat tyre change (replace with your spare tyre)
  • Battery replacement*
  • Petrol top-up*
  • Towing**

*Labour is free-of-charge for AA members. Members have to bear the cost of battery and petrol.

**Standard towing refers to the use of the tow-truck's recovery fork to lift the 2-front wheels of the passenger car off the ground.

How do I get Roadside Assistance Services?
In the event of a vehicle breakdown, call AA's 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service (RAS) Hotline at 6748 9911.

AA Members
Please provide the following details:
a. NRIC no. / Passport no. / FIN no.
b. Name as stated on membership card
c. Car registration no.
d. Make and colour of car
e. Contact no.
f.  Breakdown location
g. Cause of breakdown / symptoms

Members must produce their Membership Card for verification by the AA recovery crew. Should you wish to cancel the service, please call the RAS Hotline before the crew arrives.

Non-AA Members
You will need to join AA to receive complimentary roadside assistance services. An express fee of $32.10 applies. In addition to AA membership one-time entrance and subscription fees if you are signing up on-the-spot or if your membership has expired. Don’t leave it to chance; sign up for or renew your AA membership now!

The provision of breakdown services to members is governed by the membership terms and conditions.

Worldwide Reciprocal Service
Members also enjoy the same level of motoring convenience and peace of mind in over 120 countries worldwide, including Malaysia. Find out more.