The Problem Many of us take for granted that our car’s brakes are self-cleaning and are always in perfect condition. We assume that the brakes should work quick and effectively whenever we need them – especially in an emergency. What most drivers do not realise, however, is that the surface of brake discs do sometimes […]

The Problem Not all of us has the time or can be bothered to give our cars’ paintwork the care and attention that’s needed to maintain a ‘showroom’ shine. It isn’t just about making your car look good either. Studies have shown that dull or dirty paintwork really has a detrimental effect on your car’s […]

Please be informed that the following interim changes to the outlets operation hours and services available will be made effective 9 January 2023 until further notice. Please see below for the latest changes to the outlet’s operating hours and services. Outlets Location AA Centre (Level 4) Broadway Plaza Outlet GB Point Outlet Mon to Fri […]

Car ownership in Singapore does entail hefty costs. These include but are not limited to buying a certificate of entitlement (COE), paying for petrol, and bringing your car to a workshop for maintenance. Thankfully, you have another option – and that is, pre owned cars. From vehicles with automatic and manual transmission, Singapore’s used car scene is […]

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