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Automobile Association of Singapore (AA Singapore) has recently launched the Safe & Sustainable Mobility initiative logo at the RHT ASEAN SUMMIT 2018.

Moving ahead with the advancement of mobility technology and shift in consumers’ behaviour in transportation, AA Singapore aims to promote the interest of all mobility users, such as road safety, solving urban mobility challenges and promoting sustainable mobility for all.

Find out more about the Safe and Eco-Driving Workshop facilitated by AAS Academy for delegates of RHT ASEAN Summit 2018 and clients of RHT Group of Companies.

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This 3-hour workshop helps you to better manage rising fuel and maintenance cost, and improve your hazard perception and risk awareness as a driver. You will learn how to harness the use of eco-driving techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a sustainable environment, yet save on fuel cost without compromising on performance, overall safety and comfort.


Desired Outcome

  • Raise driver risk awareness on the consequences of unsafe driving behaviors
  • Learn about Eco-Driving techniques and how it benefits you
  • Learn how to improve fuel consumption and reduce crash risk
  • Learn how to manage your vehicle's speed to prevent an accident
  • Learn the correct technique on how to keep a safe following distance 

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the workshop.

Course fee: $96 (Usual $107).

Make your driving a safer and enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones and sign up today!

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