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Automobile Problems and Solutions

You are driving along the expressway one day when you find your vehicle slowing down and eventually coming to a halt. You step out of your vehicle to find out what the problem is, but you can’t seem to figure out where the car defects are and what is the cause of these sudden malfunctions.

Even the most skilled and competent vehicle owner will experience his fair share mechanical issues and car problems.

The list of car faults is endless – from flat tires, unstable steering wheels and even a faulty engine, there are minor and major car issues that you might or might not be able to resolve on your own. However, small and simple car problems could cause more issues in the future if they not attended to as soon as possible.

When Should I Call For Help For Vehicle Problems and Solutions?

There are some car problems like flat tires and faulty engine air filters that are easy to fix if you have the right tools on hand.

However, if troubleshooting these car problems on your own does not work, you might need to bring your car to a repairs company to get those issues fixed. Bringing your car to a workshop is your best bet especially since mechanics would easily have the tools and expertise on hand to advise and treat the issues.

Here at the Automobile Association of Singapore, we provide roadside assistance services to help you with your car problems. Browse our website to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Issues

1. What are the most common car problems and how to fix them?

Some of the most common car issues include but are not limited to: sputtering engine, warning codes squeaky brakes, excess consumption of oil, failing alternator, as well as cracks in the windscreen. If you encounter these car problems & issues, you will need to bring them to a vehicle mechanic for repairs.

Your car mechanic would apply the appropriate solutions to your vehicle and give it a final check to declare it safe to drive before handing it back to you. This could involve performing repairs on the affected parts or replacing them with new parts altogether.

2. What are car problems that can be fixed in a day?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on what type of problems your car is experiencing. On top of that, the mechanic would probably need to assess the overall health of your vehicle before giving you a diagnosis & estimate of when the repairs can be done.

Common car faults that could be fixed within a day include oil change, defect parts (e.g., side-view mirror), dead battery and broken windows. These common issues should not take more than half a day to address.

On the other hand, common but serious mechanical problems with cars like faulty steering system or defects due to a car accident could take hours or even days to fix and repair depending on the severity.

3. What are the most common reasons for engine failures

Engine failure is associated with neglecting oil and filter changes, faulty fuel pump, low or leaking battery as well as clogged fuel filters.

To minimize the risks of common car issues, bring your vehicle to a car workshop for regular maintenance and servicing.

When you sense something amiss, however major or minor, don’t neglect your vehicle. Figure out what the issues are and bring it to a car workshop for repairs.

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