Think you are a safe and eco-friendly driver?

Put your skills to the test in the FIA-AA Singapore Smart Driving Challenge, our latest exciting road safety initiative! Drive your way to being the Top Driver and stand a chance to win a return ticket to Paris + 4D3N accommodation at 4-star hotel + Ticket to FIA Prize Giving Ceremony 2019!


  • Understand your own driving behaviour
  • Receive bespoke training to improve your driving behaviour
  • Be rewarded for smart (safe & eco-friendly) driving behaviour
  • Daily driving as usual with no additional routes required

Complimentary & exclusively for AA Members only.
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How does the challenge work?

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  • The challenge consists of two (2) heats that last for a week each, and one (1) final heat that lasts for two weeks. 
  • There are two (2) one-week breaks between heats for driving data analysis. A report will be sent to drivers to adjust their driving behaviour for the next heat. Training will also be assigned based on driver's area of improvement in preparation for the rest of the challenge.
  • Drivers will attend a gathering after each heat for evaluation and prize-giving to the top three (3) drivers.

Participation requirements

  • Participation is only open to current AA Members who hold a valid membership throughout the whole challenge, and possess a valid driving license;
  • Requires mobile data and a smartphone with at least IOS 8.0 or Android 5.0;
  • A vehicle with an OBD II Outlet Cars manufactured from year 2001 and beyond;
  • Committed to driving at least 50km a week to complete two heats and one final heat;
  • Committed to attending one briefing, one training, and one gathering.

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Timeline & schedule

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  1st Prize

  • A return ticket to Paris
  • 4D3N accommodation at 4-star hotel
  • Ticket to FIA Prize Giving Ceremony 2019

  2nd Prize

  • $400 AAS Insurance Agency voucher
  • $100 AA Gift voucher

  3rd Prize

  • $200 AAS Insurance Agency voucher
  • $100 AA Gift voucher

  Top 3 Driver Prizes For heats 1 & 2

  • 1st Prize - $150 AAS Insurance Agency voucher + $50 AA Gift voucher
  • 2nd Prize - $80 AAS Insurance Agency voucher + $20 AA Gift voucher
  • 3rd Prize - $50 AAS Insurance Agency voucher

OBD II Plug-in Installation

User Guide

For iOS devices

For Android devices


Is there a participation fee?

No, this challenge is fully complimentary and exclusive to AA Members. However, in order for driving data to be transmitted for analysis and report preparation, there will be minimum data consumption of 100MB per 5000km travelled on your smartphone.

Who can participate in this challenge?

This challenge is complimentary and exclusive to AA Members. Due to overwhelming response from AA members, all available slots for FIA-AA Singapore Smart Driving Challenge 2019 are fully registered and registrations are currently closed.

What is an OBD II Plug-In?

OBD or Onboard Diagnostic refers to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability.  For cars manufactured after 2001, an OBD II outlet can be found within 2 feet of the steering wheel.  An OBD II Plug-In device is a data logger that helps draw the vehicle’s information that is needed to measure the driver’s scoring such as vehicle’s RPM, Acceleration, Braking, and Fuel Efficiency calculation. 

Will the OBD II Plug-In damage my car?

The OBD II Plug-In only acts as a data logger and does not have the capability to write/overwrite data stored in the vehicle ECU.  It is built based on the SAE J1989 specifications and draws a minimum amount of current to power the device.  It is switched off once the engine is off, hence it will not drain the vehicle’s battery.

What information do I need to register for this challenge?

You will need to provide your name, membership number, and the number of years of driving experience.

What data is being collected throughout the challenge?

  1. Distance travelled by driver;
  2. Number of trips done by driver;
  3. Driving behaviour derived from the scoring;
  4. Vehicle information needed for scoring;

All aggregated data is for scoring purposes and to provide analysis on driver training provided by AAS Academy Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Automobile Association of Singapore.

How will this challenge improve my driving behaviour?

Using the digital platform Enerfy to record driving trips, a driving pattern is formed based on the individual's driving behaviour. After analysing the trip, in-app tips will be provided to the individual on the areas of improvement for each trips made. Data that is collected will be further analysed by AAS Academy to advise drivers on the type of training the participant should be attending for a more comprehensive driving experience. 

What is the difference between FIA digital platform from other traditional telematics in the market?

Traditional telematics usually record driving trips on a rule based on matrix, and records the number of events on trip based on Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Breaking, and Harsh Cornering. Whilst the FIA's digital platform is also collecting such data, it is more dynamic as it is powered by A.I. and it collects eight parameters of data on a per second basis. The data collected is processed using A.I. to form a participant's driving pattern/behaviour which allows it to send trip analysis back to the app and present in-app tips to improve driving behaviour.

What happens to the OBD II Plug-In after the challenge?

After the end of the competition, subscription to the app will automatically be ceased. Drivers are encouraged to unplug the device from the vehicle and have it sent back to AA.

What happens if I sign up for the challenge but decided not to participate in the end?

As slots for this inaugural event are limited to 100, those who do not wish to take part in the challenge arrange for the device to be returned to AA. You may write to for further arrangements.

Must all challenge requirements be met?

This challenge is designed to help regular drivers become safer and more eco-friendly. Meaningful data is required in order to fulfill this objective hence all requirements must be fulfilled and pre-heats completed.

What should I do if the app/device is not working?

You may contact AAS Academy for assistance
Telephone: 6333 8811 Office hours 9am to 6pm

If the device is found to be faulty, we will provide a 1-to-1 replacement.