Feng Shui Tips: Preparing Yourself for the coming Period 9 Cycle (Webinar) - AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE

Feng Shui Tips: Preparing Yourself for the coming Period 9 Cycle (Webinar)

Every 20 years, the energy dynamics of our universe undergo a transformative shift, leading to a reshuffle of priorities in the things that we do. Over this two-decade span, from knowledge and education to work and business, as well as health and wealth, proactive preparation becomes the key to gaining a strategic advantage and the upper hand.


This coming big change is called the Period 9. As a Chinese Metaphysics Expert, Master Joe Ng Tenzin Noryang will show you the insights of how to maximize your potential throughout this Period 9, sharing with you the most critical details you need to understand about your life through your own Bazi. Join us this Zoom session and prepare yourself for the new cycle. Be a master of your own destiny!


Biography of Master Joe Ng Tenzin Noryang:

Since 2003, after having inherited precious knowledge and through years of extensive practising, Master Joe Ng Tenzin Noryang established YES Feng Shui in 2016 – a service provider of Bazi audit and Feng Shui analysis to those in need. Recognised for his professionalism and accuracy, the always cheerful but no-nonsense Master Joe has a wide pool of clients spanning from Singapore to China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Locally, Master Joe has been holding yearly Lunar New Year seminar to major corporations from the private sector to multiple Government units. Master Joe believes in giving back to society, through practical and enlightening advice, helping people improve the quality of lives.

Date: 04 November 2023
Time: 8.00pm to 9.30pm
Location: Online Zoom Session
Registration closes: 03 November 2023

For RSVP, please click HERE


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