19 December 2021
Time 9am to 11.30am (Registration start at 8.15am)
Location AA Centre, 2 Kung Chong Road, Singapore 159140

The Share the Road seminar advocates road users to play their part in respecting and understanding the rules and space of each other; as well as to be courteous to one another. All road users have a responsibility to keep our roads safe. Therefore, every road user must exercise patience and be vigilant on the road. Road users are advised to be considerate to others and observe traffic rules while sharing the road with other road users.

In recent years, cyclists’ safety while riding on the roads and conflicts between other drivers has become a growing concern for the authorities, stakeholders and public. As more people are seen taking up cycling especially amid the pandemic, this could also mean that more new cyclists with limited cycling experience and safety knowledge are riding on the roads. 

To find out more, sign up now to join us at the ‘Share the Road’ Seminar at AA Centre.

*This event will be organised in-person and available on online platform.
Participants attending the physical event must be fully vaccinated and wear masks at all times before entering the venue.


Join the live today at https://www.aas.com.sg/sharetheroad .