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By providing the above information, you have agreed to be recommended by your referrer who may qualify for AA MGM Programme. Click here for the Terms and Conditions of the programme.

  • I have read and agree unconditionally to be bound by AA’s Constitution, Terms and Conditions and Service Policy, and understand that AA reserves the right to reject any application in its sole discretion without giving any reasons.
  • I certify that the particulars and information furnished herein are true and accurate.
  • I understand that my membership card will be sent to me, together with the AA Terms and Conditions and Service Policy, which are also available on AA’s website,, and adhere to the Service Policy.
  • I understand that RAS are handled by AA’s subsidiary, AutoSwift Recovery Pte Ltd (“ASR”). I consent to ASR accessing, collecting, using and disclosing my personal information for the purpose of verifying my identity and membership with AA and in connection with the carrying out of such RAS. I also consent to ASR communicating with me for the purposes of carrying out the RAS.
  • When I attend any contests, activities or events organized by AA, I authorise and give consent to AA, its subsidiaries and partners to use photographs or video images taken at contests, activities or events in which I have been captured. The image(s) will be published in AA’s magazines, annual reports, yearbooks, websites, press advertisements and also in connection with any of AA’s business partners ‘publicity purposes.
  • I authorise and give consent to AA, its subsidiaries and partners to communicate with me in respect to this application and membership services, including benefits, insurance, campaigns, promotions, activities and events via post, email, SMS text messaging and /or telephone. I reserve the right to opt out of such communications if necessary.