Promotion ReNew Ordinary Form November 2018

Applicant Particulars

For 2-year signup and above, applicant will receive complimentary 1-year GetDocPlus subscription. Upon successful application, you will receive an email notification from GetDoc on the following month.
Fees are inclusive of GST and Entrance fee.

I would like to update my details (if applicable):

If you have not received your membership card, please email to with the email subject as <Member’s Name> and <Membership Number>.

Kindly attach your photograph in JPG format with file size not more than 200kB.

  • I have read and agree unconditionally to be bound by AA’s Constitution, Terms and Conditions, Service Policy and Privacy Policy. I understand that AA reserves the right to reject any application in its sole discretion without giving any reasons.
  • I certify that the particulars and information furnished herein are true and accurate.
  • I understand that for renewal application, an expiry date sticker will be issued for me to affix on my existing membership card.
  • I understand that RAS is handled by AA’s subsidiary, AutoSwift Recovery Pte Ltd (“ASR”). I consent to ASR accessing, collecting, using and disclosing my personal information for the purpose of verifying my identity and membership with AA and in connection with the carrying out of such RAS. I also consent to ASR communicating with me for the purposes of carrying out the RAS.
  • I understand that I am required to provide a valid email address and mobile number in order to be eligible for the free 1-year GetDocPlus subscription. Only applicable for members who signed up more than 1-year membership.
  • In order for me to enjoy insurance services available to AA Members, I consent to AAS Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of AA and its partners, assessing, collecting, using and disclosing my personal information which I have furnished to AA. I also authorise and give consent to AAS-Insurance Agency and its partners to communicate with me via post , email, SMS text messaging and/or telephone on any insurance product, service, benefit and /or promotion.
  • When I participate in any contests, activities or events organised by AA, I authorise and give consent to AA, its subsidiaries and partners to use photographs and/or video images taken at contests, activities or events in which I have been captured. The image(s) may be published in any of AA’s communication materials and collaterals and also in connection with any of AA’s business partners' publicity purposes.
  • In order for me to enjoy additional membership services or benefits that AA may extend to its members from time to time, I understand and consent that approved third party service providers may use my information in order to render the services or benefits extended by AA.
  • I authorise and give consent to AA, its subsidiaries and partners to communicate with me in respect to this application and membership services, including benefits, insurance, campaigns, promotions, activities and events via post, email, SMS text messaging and /or telephone. I reserve the right to opt out of such communications if necessary.