With the Jan/Feb 2019 issue, the Association wishes all AA Members a very Happy New Year! 

2019 is going to be an exciting one as we look forward to conquering several new milestones new year. One of which will be the first-ever 85-day AA Autoventure London-Singapore Expedition 2019! Turkey is one of the countries which we'll be stopping by along the route, and you can read more about its rich history on our Travel feature in page 40. 

The issue also covers our last few events for 2018. The launch of our Be A Road Safe Kid children's storybook; AAS Academy's overseas engagement; our Safe Kids In Cars campaign; a new AA initiative logo and AAShop's new service as a Ninja Point centre. We also share tips for drivers to navigate flood roads during the monsoon season, and more insight into the potential hazards of your seat belt's automatic locking retractor system. 

Enjoy the read!