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Indicator is Clicking Too Fast

The Problem
Turning right at a junction, and when you flick the indicator, it beats more rapidy than its normal pace.

Things To Know
A car’s indicator is wired in series and is designed to let the driver know if any of the indicator light bulbs are blown. More often than not it is by beating rapidly. Some cars may have a warning light on the instrument panel.

Proper Technique
The best way to find out which bulb is blown is to put on the hazard warning lights since this gets all the indicator lights going at the same time. Once blown bulb has been identified, it can be replaced with a new one. In most instances, this is a straight forward procedure that should not require special tools or equipment. The car’s owners manual should have simple step-by-step instructions, and even pictures to show how the bulb can be changed. The easiest way to make sure the correct replacement bulb is bought is to bring the blown bulb into the parts shop.

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