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AA MaidCare Plus

Your Domesitc Helper Deserves Better Protection

A domestic helper offers welcomed assistance in many busy households, almost becoming a member of the family in some instances. Their well-being and continued ability to take care of chores is your responsibility.

Hospital and Surgical Expenses shall now extend to cover COVID-19, contracted on or after 1 Apr 2020, when medically treated in designated hospitals appointed by the Government for existing and new policies. Quarantine in hospitals when medical treatment is not necessary is excluded. Pre-existing condition shall also apply to COVID-19.

*$15 Grocery voucher is only applicable to valid AA members at the point of policy purchase.


Key Benefits

  • Meets Ministry of Manpower’s requirement for Security Bond, Personal Accident, and Hospitalization & Surgical Expenses
  • Same day transmission to Ministry of Manpower
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Immediate acknowledgement
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Hassle Free Renewal

AAmaidcareplus 2

No Agency or Admin fees

AAmaidcareplus 3

10% premium discount for AA

Application Procedure

Enrol for this insurance package in – in just three (3) easy steps:

Speak To Us To Find Our More

Contact us at the following

+65 6389 4241




Choose the Plan

Download the Brochure and choose the type of plan that suits your needs.


Complete Proposal Form

Complete the AA MaidCare Plus Proposal Form which is available separately.


Email Us

Email completed Proposal Form and MOM “In-Principle Approval” letter or the

“Renewal” letter to enquiry@aas-insurance.com.sg

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