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Kill Speed

Kill Speed

before it kills you…or someone else

The faster one drives, the lesser time one has to react to potential danger. This also means a longer distance is required before one’s vehicle can come to a complete stop. A vehicle travelling at 80km/h needs 76m of stopping distance. At 100km/h, it needs 112m. The injury a person can sustain in a vehicle collision at 120km/h is similar to that of a person falling from the 12th storey or, a height of 31m. He will suffer multiple injuries and possibly, death. Speeding also endangers other road users such as pedestrians, particularly the very young and the elderly who have no protection against a block of speeding metal. Motorists must exercise more care and attention especially in residential areas.

About half of the number of pedestrian fatalities happen in housing estates despite posing speed limits there. There are several possible reasons why motorists tend to speed. One is the high standard of comfort in cars that may isolate the driver from the sensation of speed and make him believe that he is travelling slower than he really is. Another reason is our better-built roads and road system. The improvements made to our road designs and road system are to ensure a smoother flow of traffic and convenience for motorists – not for speeding. In the blink of an eye, an accident can happen. Slow down…because speed kills.

Source: Traffic Police

Plan your journey and leave early to avoid rushing.
Do not use provocative gestures and language on those who cause you inconvenience.
Avoid direct confrontation.
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