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AA Recommended Tyre Shops

With flat tyres being identified as one of the top causes of vehicle breakdowns, AA has specially launched the AA-Recommended Tyre Shop scheme. Under this scheme, tyre shops are selected based on their quality, reliability and pricing. Hence, AA Members can be assured of reliable services by qualified staff when patronising these establishments. Whether you are looking to repair conventional tyres or run-flat tyres, the tyre shops under AA Singapore list of recommendations are here to resolve all your tyre repair and tyre puncture woes.

Apart from providing services for flat tyres, these recommended establishments also provide a full-suite of tyre-related services such as tyre balancing, tyre rotation, wheel alignment, Nitrogen gas conversion or refill, tyre safety check and more in Singapore. You can also look to replace and change your car tyres to both conventional and run-flat tyres at affordable prices.

Look out for the “AA Recommended Tyre Shop” sign displayed at their premises. AA Members are advised to check on the prices before agreeing to any work to be carried out by the tyre shops recommended by AA Singapore.

Click here for AA’s list of tyres shops islandwide to meet your needs for professional and convenient service.

Note: AA Recommended Tyre Shop is not applicable under AAA Discount & Rewards programme

If you are looking for 24-hour tyre service or assistance for changing a flat tyre out to your spare ones, AA Singapore’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service is readily available for you.


  • An AA Membership card must be presented prior to transactions/payments.
  • Discounts and promotions under the AA Recommended Tyre Shops are not valid with other discounts/promotions/cards.
  • No further discount will be entertained upon agreement of the final price.
  • There may be terms and conditions attached to the promotions and Members should enquire with the respective tyre shops prior to purchase.
  • AA Recommended Tyre Shops are not servants or dealers of AA.
  • AA does not warrant the repairs / services undertaken by any of the tyre shops.

AA and participating tyre shops reserve the right to vary/amend all promotions and/or terms and conditions without prior notice