The Problem

Car battery can fail without warning. If your car fails to start one morning and you don't hear any sign of life from the engine then chances are the battery is weak or dead.

Things to check: If your battery has not been serviced for two years or more, here are a couple of things to check. See if the terminals are tightly secured and look out for corrosion marks. The battery water level is crucial also. It has to be at the minimum required level at least for the battery to work properly.

What To Do

Buy a bottle of battery water from any gas station and top up to the maximum allowed level. You can remove the corrosion on the terminals by using sandpaper and apply some grease after that to minimize it from coming back. If the terminals are loose, use a pair of pliers or adjustable-wrench to tighten. All this should be done with the ignition off. Ultimately, you can invest in a voltmeter. If it reads 10 to 12 volts then the battery is fine. Anything below 10 volts means the battery is barely acceptable. Battery water should be checked fortnightly and the average lifespan for a car battery ranges between two to three years. It is strongly advised to have the car battery replaced at that age.

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