Need emergency assistance on the road for your car? With the AA Roadside Assistance app (RAS app), help is just a tap away! Created for AA Members to provide 24-hour roadside assistance to their exact location and offer real-time notifications, the app keeps stranded members at ease. 

The app also provides a one-stop location for your motoring needs. Locate nearby AA Approved Workshops for your servicing needs or petrol stations to refuel for a long drive.

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RAS App Features

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What does the RAS app do?

The app simplifies the process of calling for roadside assistance. Members no longer need to describe their breakdown location which will be clearly indicated via your smartphone’s GPS. It also allows Members to locate nearby AA Approved Workshops, petrol stations, and car parks.

How does the RAS app work?

When you submit your roadside assistance request through the app, AA is able to pinpoint your location via your smartphone’s GPS. Following that, you will receive a verification call from AA and a service recovery crew will be assigned to you. You will receive real-time notifications on the vehicle number and service recovery crew’s estimated time of arrival.

How do I download & install the RAS app?

The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms through iTunes and Google Play Store. Search for AA Roadside Assistance app in your app store to install.

How is it more convenient if I use the app to request for roadside assistance?

Submit your request through the app and your location will be easily determined using GPS. It is absolutely hassle-free and especially helpful if you are stranded in a hard-to-describe location. The app also stores your vehicle details so you do not have to repeat your information to our call centre.

What if I do not know the car park height limit?

No worries! AA will call to further assist you.

I am not with my car because the breakdown location is not safe. How do I indicate that in my request?

You can tap on the map to set the exact location of your vehicle. Alternatively, you may use the input box above the map to enter the exact address, postal code or any landmarks in the immediate vicinity. However, you will need to be at the vehicle when the service recovery crew arrives. Estimated arrival of the service recovery crew will be sent to you via real-time notifications.

What happens after I have submitted a roadside assistance request?

You will receive a call from AA to confirm the details submitted. Following which you will receive a notification through the app with details of the service recovery crew assigned, service vehicle number, and estimated time of arrival.