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Safety Tips to Observe If Your Car Breaks Down

Here are some safety tips you can follow when your car breaks down: 

  • Put your gear in neutral and push the car to the extreme left side of the road when it is safe to do so.
  • Avoid leaving the vehicle at blind spots and dangerous areas like cross junctions and tunnels
  • Switch on your hazard lights
  • Put up the triangular warning sign at least 20m behind the vehicle on the road. It is advisable to have and display a triangular warning sign for safety reasons since its designed to be eye-catching and is widely recognised.
  • Open your bonnet and boot to serve as additional warning signs
  • When getting out of the vehicle to check the damage, make sure it is safe to open the door
  • Call AA at 6748 9911 for help. While waiting for help to arrive, please do not stay in the car or stand in front or behind it. Stand at the side farthest from traffic and behind guard rails if possible.
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