A polished, gleaming car is no assurance that it had not been driven to the ground. Your safeguard to getting good value when buying a pre-owned car is with an AA Car Evaluation Service.

The evaluation of a used car and its value requires professionals with the right testing equipment to provide an unbiased opinion. With a pre-purchase car check at AA car evaluation centre in Singapore, you will be provided with not just a comprehensive evaluation report on any flaws or defects found in the inspection, but also an independent assessment on the car's condition, allowing you to determine and make a more informed buying decision.

ASR A1 CarEvaluationGeneric Nov20 V2

Terms & conditions

  • Car evaluation services are strictly by appointment. All appointments are subject to availability, and booking must be made at least one day in advance.
    Telephone: 6748 9911
    Address: 2 Kung Chong Road #03-01 Singapore (159140)
  • Car evaluation services are applicable for petrol or diesel powered passenger cars only.
  • Car evaluation services are not applicable for supercar, performance car, low body kit passenger cars.

Original Cost of AA Car Evaluation

AA Member: $115
Non-Member: $145
Note: Above price excludes 7% GST


Hidden Defects uncovered through AA Car Evaluation Service


   Collision repair at front panel of vehicle     Collision repair at right hand rear chassis frame     Collision repair cut and weld at spare tyre well  
    Collision repair at front panel of vehicle    Collision repair at right rear chassis frame     Collision repair welding at spare tyre well

   Exhaust silencer dented     Oil leakage at auto transmission unit     Oil leakage at auto transnission gearbox unit  
    Exhaust silencer dented     Oil leakage at auto transmission unit       Oil leakage at auto transmission gearbox unit

   Oil leakage at flywheel area     Oil leakage at power steering rack pinion unit 
    Oil leakage at flywheel area    Oil leakage at power steering rack pinion unit                                                                                   

FAQs about Vehicle Evaluation

How can I use the report?

AA's primary objective is to give you a full picture of the car’s condition so that you can make an informed purchase decision. You can also use the report to ask for a price reduction, or request the seller/dealer to repair the significant defects before purchase. Either way, the benefits far outweigh the nominal evaluation cost.

What if the seller/dealer refuses to have the car evaluated?

Having a used car evaluated before purchase is a very common practice, and the seller/dealer should oblige to your request. Be wary if the seller/dealer does not consent to one. He/she may be hiding some information from you. Some dealers may claim that the car has been evaluated but may be referring to the preliminary inspections.

Who should decide where to send the used car for evaluation?

As a rule of thumb, the buyer should be the one to decide where to send the car that he/she intends to buy for evaluation. Be wary if the seller insists on sending the car to their recommended evaluation centre/workshop as this might be disadvantageous to the buyer.

Ensure that your car is a worthwhile purchase; insist on AA Car Evaluation Service!      car detailing enquire now button large