ASR Web EV Charge Sep21 FA

As Singapore begins to see the transition from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to Electric Vehicles (EV), the Automobile Association of Singapore is pleased to share our recent installation of EV chargers in AA Centre.

Our selection of chargers are rated DC30 and are capable of providing a 0-75% charge in 60 minutes (40kW battery). As the vehicle is being recharged, you may find yourself comfortable in our Members' lounge to refresh yourself too!

ev charger

Enabled by a simple, easy-to-use App for EV user.

Available on both Android and iOS stores, simply download PlugIt on your mobile phone, sign up for an account to start and stop charging.

app charging app location

Pricing Table
$0.41 per kW

Daily Parking Charges at AA Centre (Motor Car)
6am – 6pm $1.50 per hour for 1st 2 hours or part thereof
After 6pm $3.00 per hour for subsequent hour or part thereof

Members Benefits
Complimentary parking for all AA members*

Operational Hours
0530 - 2359 daily

User Instructions

user instructions

Terms & Conditions

  • AA Members must show proof of charging cycle and are subjected to a minimum of 10kW recharge.
  • Redemption of complimentary parking tickets at Level 1, reception.
  • Complimentary parking tickets are strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis and is subjected to 10 redemptions per day only.
  • EV parking lots are strictly reserved for EV Vehicles with recharging activity and are subject to the availability of parking space.
  • We are not liable to you or any person with you for: (a) injury to you or anybody else; (b) damage to, destruction of, theft of, or unauthorized delivery up of your vehicle or any other vehicle whether authorized or not; or (c) damage to, destruction of, theft of, or delivery up of any property (including anything in or on your vehicle or any other vehicle); howsoever caused, and you release and indemnify us from any claim which you might otherwise have against us.
  • Users shall be responsible to pay The Management for any damage to the equipment, structure of and/or fixtures or to the trees, shrubs, or the grounds in the car park or elsewhere caused by the users for whatever reason. The Management shall have absolute authority to assess the cost of making good or repairing the damage and any statement issued by the Management as to the quantum of such loss shall, save for manifest error, be accepted as conclusive evidence that the amount thereon is due and owing.