Anyone who wishes to register for a new vehicle in Singapore must first obtain a Certificate of Entitlement (COE). A COE represents a right to vehicle ownership and use of the limited road space for 10 years. Below are the latest bidding results.

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Month/YearCat A
Cars up to 1600cc & 130hp and EVs up to 110KW 
Cat B
Cars above 1600cc or 130hp and EVs above 110KW 
Cat E
Open - All Except Motorcycle
Cat C
Goods Vehicle & Bus
Cat D
Total BidsQuota
Jan 2023 $86,000 $105,459 $107,000 $77,109 $11,101 2,143 1,539
Jan 2023 $80,000 $102,002 $107,889 $77,301 $10,890 2,282 1,533
Dec 2022 $88,007 $108,006 $109,600 $78,200 $11,690 2,249 1,562
Dec 2022 $88,503 $105,501 $110,524 $81,501 $12,100 2,112 1,544
Nov 2022 $90,589 $113,881 $114,009 $81,802 $12,589 2,148 1,543
Nov 2022 $87,235 $115,388 $116,577 $76,302 $13,189 2,294 1,520
Oct 2022 $81,089 $110,000 $108,003 $70,201 $12,801 2,776 1,800
Oct 2022 $80,501 $95,856 $105,001 $65,991 $11,751 2,363 1,806
Sep 2022 $84,000 $108,051 $107,201 $67,001 $11,589 2,424 1,785
Sep 2022 $86,000 $113,000 $113,299 $64,989 $11,301 2,377 1,791
Aug 2022 $87,889 $112,001 $112,001 $59,090 $11,101 2,642 1,782
Aug 2022 $80,000 $107,001 $113,000 $56,089 $11,000 2,458 1,863
July 2022 $78,899 $110,003 $114,001 $54,889 $10,910 2,750 2,012
July 2022 $78,001 $107,800 $110,524 $54,001 $10,889 2,863 2,023
June 2022 $74,989 $106,001 $104,400 $53,011 $10,302 2,889 2,012
June 2022 $73,801 $100,684 $100,697 $53,002 $10,000 3,103 2,000
May 2022 $68,001 $95,889 $95,901 $51,501 $9,490 2,956 2,056
May 2022 $70,901 $92,090 $91,112 $50,890 $9,489 2,743 2,001
Apr 2022 $68,699 $90,002 $95,801 $52,002 $9,801 2,446 1,756
Apr 2022 $72,996 $98,389 $99,999 $54,901 $10,503 2,492 1,758
Mar 2022 $71,556 $98,889 $99,010 $51,504 $10,501 2,758 1,778
Mar 2022 $68,501 $94,889 $98,890 $48,889 $11,400 2,941 1,753
Feb 2022 $63,000 $93,590 $93,102 $46,501 $10,589 2,830 1,771
Feb 2022 $60,761 $86,102 $87,000 $44,001 $10,010 2,657 1,758
Jan 2022 $57,898 $82,001 $83,911 $43,001 $10,000 2,513 1,775

Source: Land Transport Authority.

If you are planning for a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) renewal or a COE bidding for a vehicle in Singapore, we highly recommend you to look into the past, recent and latest COE results.

These could possibly give you a better analysis of the demands, and help you strategically determine the best time to place your bid. Why should you go the extra mile to monitor COE prices? The reason is simple. It is not a secret that COE prices in Singapore are sky-high. The extravagant costs have long been the greatest obstacle for car owners and car buyers in the country, leaving many prospective car owners in a quandary. For a major investment like buying a car, doing the proper amount of due diligence and ensuring that you get the best value will unquestionably benefit you financially. At the end of the day, this could potentially help you save thousands of dollars – so why not?

What Is COE and What Is the Purpose of It?

Every car owner should know that having a valid COE is mandatory. It represents a right to vehicle ownership and is one out of the many prerequisites to owning and operating a vehicle on the limited road space in Singapore. Upon successful bidding, your COE is valid for a period of 10 years. Subsequently, you have the alternative for renewal of either 5 years or 10 years, depending on your vehicle category and its statutory lifespan. Once your vehicle reaches the end of its statutory lifespan, unfortunately, COE renewal will no longer be an option.

COEs in Singapore are divided into 5 different categories, grouped according to your vehicle class. It goes without saying that your vehicle type is required to match the following categories:

  • Category A: Cars with engine capacity up to 1,600cc & power output 97kW
  • Category B: Cars with engine capacity above 1,600cc or power output 97kW
  • Category C: Goods carrying vehicle and bus
  • Category D: Motorcycle
  • Category E: An open category applicable for all of the above mentioned, except motorcycles.

So what is the purpose behind the implementation of COEs?

Well, that is because the lion city is known to have one of the highest road densities across the globe, reportedly 480.6km per 100 in 2011. With the land constraint, there was a need to manage the rapid growth of vehicles on the road. Hence, COE was introduced by the government in the 1990s, as an ownership measure or solution to regulate the growth of vehicle population, ease congested roads, and manage high volumes of traffic.

How Does COE Bidding Works?

COEs for the individual categories are bid separately in an open bidding system. However, not every bid will go through successfully.

You will have to first submit the bid amount that you are willing to pay, also known as the reserve price, in the system. The bidding system will then automatically raise the current price of COE by $1. If the current price of COE exceeds your bid, then you are out of the running. Meaning – you will not stand a chance in getting a COE in this bidding round. The current price of COE will then continue rising and stop only when the number of bidders is equivalent to the number of COEs available. The bidding will then end here, with the final quota premium (QP) that successful bidders of the same category are required to pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are COE prices calculated?

The COE prices are calculated based on the number of bids in the bidding system. Upon submitting the reserve price, the cost of COE in the bidding system will automatically be raised by $1. It will then continue to keep going up until the number of bidders is equivalent to the number of COEs available. The final price of COE is then calculated and determined through the bidding system.

What affects COE prices?

COE prices in Singapore are driven by supply and demand, as well as economic situation. Supply refers to the number of COE quota available, and this is determined by multiple factors such as the number of vehicle deregistrations and a net increase of the total number of car population, among others. Whereas, demand refers to the number of people applying for COE. Hence, if more people join the bid, the price of COE would surge.

How do I estimate the price of COE?

While the actual price of COE is unpredictable, it may be worthwhile looking into the trends to determine the best period to place your bid. A helpful tip is to look into the past and latest COE price statistics – this can help you make calculated predictions, and also general trends such as peak and off-peak seasons. Click here to view the latest COE prices.