We have listed 8 popular destinations where AA members can receive reciprocal services. Members are required to produce their valid AA membership card to enjoy the service.

List of 8 popular destination where AA member can receive reciprocal services:


Head Office
Australia AA (AAA)

Breakdown service

  • Call 1311 11 or see telephone directory.
  • Breakdown service by road patrols in metropolitan areas 24 hours a day. Free of charge.

Terms and conditions

  • Spare parts are payable
  • Towing service at variable terms.


Head Office
Canada AA (CAA)

Breakdown service

  • Call toll-free Super number 1-800-222-4357.

Terms and conditions

  • Towing service is free up to 5 km from site of vehicle breakdown to workshop


Head Office
The Automobile Association (AA)

Breakdown service

  • Breakdown service 24 hours a day. Call 00 800 88 77 66 55 in UK.
  • On motorways, call telephone boxes every mile.

Terms and conditions

  • Payment via credit card if roadside breakdown service is provided by garage and for any spare parts, towing and work done at garage premises.


Head Office
Hong Kong AA (HKAA)

Breakdown service

  • Call HKAA Control Centre Kowloon at 2304 4911 for free breakdown service by road patrol 24 hours a day.

Terms and conditions

  • Tunnel toll, spare parts and fuel are payable.
  • Towing service by road patrol to garage of member's choice.


Head Office
Japan Automobile Federation

Breakdown service
Roadside assistance vehicles are on call 24 hours a day throughout the country for passenger cars and motorcycles.

For any member of FIA affiliated clubs who presents a valid AA membership card with FIA LOGO, basic road assistance service on the road will be provided free of charge. Spare parts must be paid for.

Call #8139 (press each '#', '8', '1', '3', '9') to reach the nearest operation center automatically. This number is available from fixed & mobile phone which is based on touch-tone style except for 1 carrier in Japan: ASTEL. Alternatively call 0570 00 8139 accessible by all types of telephone except for PHS mobile phone (carrying the telephone number beginning at 070).

On expressways use an emergency telephone. As there are a few road service companies other than JAF which run road assistance on expressways at commercial basis, any service calls based on FIA Reciprocity/Hospitality must be made at JAF. Otherwise service fee will be charged.

Towing Service
If a car or a motorcycle cannot be repaired on the spot, free towing service to the nearest garage is also available up to 15 km, but JPY 720 per every one km is payable if it exceeds this allowance.

For more information on driving in Japan please, visit http://www.jaf.or.jp/e/fia.htm


Head Office
Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM)


The Roadside Assistance Service has resumed in Malaysia. However, towing services back from Malaysia to Singapore will not be available. You are advised to contact your insurance partner - updated on 16 Aug 2021.  

If you are using a Malaysia registered number, you can call the toll free number 1300 226 226. Otherwise, please call AAMCarfix directly at +60 379 890 351.

Alternatively, you may call Singapore at +65 6748 9911 for assistance. 


Breakdown service covers only vehicles with system failures and does not cover accident vehicles. Members must present their AA Singapore membership e-card to the AAM crew or its contractors for verification. 

Service is chargeable and payment must be made on-the-spot in order for service to be rendered. 

AA Singapore members enjoy a one-time maximum reimbursement of RM50 per claim, per year if they utilize the services of AAM-appointed workshops, mechanics and towing contractor. The original receipt must be submitted to AA Singapore within two (2) weeks of the incident. 

If towing back to Singapore is required, members have to liase directly with the AAM tow operator to bring the vehicle to Singapore where AA Singapore tow operators will take over the towing.

Members are required to pay all necessary charges required by the Malaysian Customs. These charges are not claimable from AA Singapore.

Terms and conditions

  • Breakdown service only covers vehicle breakdown due to mechanical problems.
  • AAS membership e-card must be presented at the breakdown site.
  • Towing of vehicle involved in an accident is payable.
  • Vehicle recovery service rendered by AAM will chargeable 
  • AAS members will have to use AAM appointed workshops and towing contractors for breakdown service to be entitled to the reimbursement of RM50/year by AAS. The original receipt must be submitted within two weeks for the claim.
  • Service is payable and payment must be made on the spot.

If your vehicle breaks down along the North-South Highway, you are advised to call Toll Plus expressway operator at 1800 88 0000 or 03 780 16603. They will tow your vehicle free-of-charge to the nearest exit or resting area. From there, you may contact AAM for roadside assistance service. 

Please note that Toll Plus expressway operator does not render roadside assistance services to vehicles involved in accidents. You are to contact your motor insurance insurer. 


Head Office
The New Zealand AA (NZAA)

Breakdown service

  • Call toll-free 0800 500 222 for free breakdown service by road patrol/contractors throughout New Zealand.

Terms and conditions
Here's what the AAS Members will need:

  • AAS Membership e-card

AAS Members will then need to take the valid membership card to one of our nationwide AA Centres. They will then receive these services for up to six months:

  • 24/7 AA Roadservice
  • Free regional maps and NZ visitor guides
  • Legal advice for traffic infringements and accidents
  • Free domestic travel and accommodation bookings
  • AA Plus at New Zealand Member rates

Our toll free number is 0800 500 222 (24 hours/7 days).

Terms and conditions of the standard AA Membership

  • In the event of a breakdown we tow to the nearest place of safety or repair depending on what location is the closest.
  • If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, the AA will tow the vehicle to the nearest place of safety or repair where arrangements for its repair can be made or where it can be safely stored. (Storage costs will be at the Member's cost). There is no charge to the Member for this callout and/or towing charges unless requiring/requesting towage to a location beyond the nearest place of repair or safety, however top up fees may apply for tows longer than 10km.
  • Once a tow has been provided for a breakdown, any subsequent tows for the same breakdown will be paid for by the Member at the time of service. This includes towing a vehicle that has been towed after hours to the Member's home, a storage area, or other place of repair or safety, and then needs further towing as a consequence of the same breakdown event.
  • For an additional $49, AA plus is a premium package which gives you a lot of extra benefits should you have a major breakdown. We can arrange to have your vehicle towed home or to your preferred repairer.
  • Only if the breakdown is more than 100km from your home address and the vehicle cannot be repaired on the same day can we offer up to 3 days rental car (depending on availability) for you to get home or continue your journey, or up to 3 days accommodation if you wish to wait for your car to be repaired at a garage in the breakdown area (excludes pre-booked accommodation); or a combination of both rental and accommodation up to a maximum of 3 days and a maximum of $120 a day.
  • Each AA+ claim is to a maximum of $800, so there still may be some costs to you if you are a long way from home. (max claim $1500 a year).
  • If the rental vehicle is a motorhome or caravan, there is an additional cover called Motorhome Plus for an additional $75.


Head Office
America AA (AAA)

Breakdown service

  • Call Member Service Call Centre at 1-800-AAA-HELP (222-4357) 24 hours a day.

Terms and conditions

  • Towing an eligible vehicle three (3) miles in any direction from point of disablement, or back to the responding facility, free of charge. 
  • Additional mileage charges will be at the member's expense and will not exceed prevailing rates of the region. Towing shall be provided for light-duty trailers, excluding fifth-wheel trailers, being towed at the time of disablement. At the Club's discretion, members may be required to pay for towing the trailer.
  • The vehicle will be extricated or winched when it can be safely reached from a normally traveled road or established thoroughfare. If special equipment, more than one truck, or more than one person is required, the associated cost may be at the member's expense.
  • Charges for flatbed service requested by members, when not required by the AAA Towing Manual, may be passed on to the member. Flatbed service charges are not applicable if a flatbed is required due to accident damage or if it is the contractor's primary service vehicle.
  • Mobile battery service/jump-starting and/or temporary adjustments.
  • Flat tire service including changing a flat tire when an inflated, serviceable spare is available.
  • A limited supply of fuel will be delivered to a member’s disabled vehicle, enabling the member to reach the nearest service station. Members may be charged up to the current pump price for the fuel.
  • Lockout and key service. If the key that operates or provides access to the passenger compartment of the vehicle is lost, broken, or the service provider cannot gain entry, the Club shall provide locksmith service up to $50, or reimbursement of commercial locksmith service up to $50.  If necessary, the Club also will provide a tow service.  Members are entitled to up to $50 worth of locksmith service at the scene, exclusive of any charges for en-route mileage.