Under the AAA Discounts & RewardsSM programme, get access to savings on travel, accommodation, dining and entertainment here in SIngapore and worldwide. Simply flash your AA card bearing the AAA Discounts & RewardsSM logo on the back to enjoy great savings at participating merchants stores.

Decal V4FA

When you shop in Singapore, look out for this decal displayed by our participating partners. Click here to find out on the offers available in Singapore. Some partners may not display the decal; please enquire in-store. 
Note: Some offers may not be applicable under AAA Discounts & Rewards programme

The AAA Discounts & RewardsSM programme is formerly known as Show Your Card & Save®

Other Services extended to International AA Members

In addition, members of FIA motoring clubs are entitled to reciprocal services which include Vehicle Recovery and Towing Services. The reciprocal services are provided for international AA Members visiting Singapore during the first 90 days of stay.  Please note that the reciprocal services provided are subjected to terms and conditions stated in our Service Policy. These services are not applicable to rental cars and motorcycles.

Other services extended to International AA Members:

  • 24/7 Call Centre helpline.
  • Information and advice on local traffic rules.
  • Information and advice on tourist and travel matters.
  • In case of problems with member's health or incidents arising from unforeseen circumstances (e.g., theft, robbery, accident, etc), AA Singapore will assist by providing the foreign member with contact details and/or information on the relevant organisation(s) and/or authorities which they can seek help from.

Click here for contact details.


Enjoy savings worldwide with AAA Discounts & RewardsSM

Look forward to attractive accommodation, dining, shopping and entertainment savings with the AAA Discounts & RewardsSM programme which lets you gain more out of your travel, at over 175,000 locations worldwide.

Discover savings offered at various countries around the world. For discounts and savings in the United States, visit and enter the AA Singapore code 65330 that is also shown on the reverse side of your AA Membership card

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Frequently-Asked Questions


Q1. Can you tell me more about AAA Discounts & RewardsSM program?
A1. The Discounts & RewardsSMprogram boasts of an extensive range of discounts and benefits exclusively for AA members only. This is made possible through our partnership with overseas motoring clubs. You can now enjoy fantastic discounts and benefits as you travel in United States & Canada as well as Australia, Columbia, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka and in 32 ARC Europe countries. Everything from travel to accommodation, and dining to entertainment; these discounts are available exclusively with your AA Membership at thousands of locations worldwide.

Q2. How can I enjoy the discounts?
A2. Simply flash your AA Membership card which bears AAA Discounts & RewardsSMlogo upon purchase to enjoy upfront discounts at outlets where the Discounts & RewardsSM decal is displayed.

Q3. Where do I find the AAA Discounts & RewardsSMlogo?
A3. The Discounts & RewardsSM logo can be found at the back of your AA Membership card. That is all you need to enjoy savings at all participating merchants of the affiliated clubs.

Q4. If my AA Membership expires, can I still enjoy AAA Discounts & RewardsSMprogram?
A4. To enjoy Discounts & RewardsSM program, you need to be an AA Member. This is one of the exclusive benefits for valid AA Members only.

Q5. Where can I obtain the information on all the participating merchants?
A5. Click here to find out the list of participating merchants in the United States as well as various countries around the world.

Q6. If I am in the affiliated country, is there a telephone number that I could call to find out more information?
A6. You can obtain the contact information listed here in advance before you travel.

Q7. Besides discounts, what other privileges can I enjoy?
A7. The privileges not only come in the form of discounts but free upgrades for car rental and accommodation and many more.
Some affiliated clubs also provide travel materials and touring information free of charge to AA

Q8. I am having trouble accessing the links. What should I do?

Most information on this page and external links (links that do not begin with are provided by AAA and other external parties. AA Singapore is republishing the offerings for reader's reference. If AA Singapore Members are unable to access any of the links, please contact us at with your interests and we will do our best to provide you with the information.